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核心提示:麦当劳社交媒体教训:推特上的评论家comment评论mcdonald's is tapping social media to help introduce the human faces behind




mcdonald's is tapping social media to help introduce the human faces behind its vendors, notably farmers who supply the beef, lettuce and potatoes for those big macs and fries.


but social media being a two-way street, consumers have been talking back loudly -- and in some cases obscenely -- via the twitterverse.


as part of its "supplier stories" campaign this month, the fast-food icon promoted the #meetthefarmers hashtag on twitter, linking to youtube videos that feature folks like cattle rancher steve foglesong of black gold cattle co. in astoria, ill.

作为“供应商故事”活动的一部分,本月快餐巨头麦当劳大力推广“与农户见面”的推特标签和到youtube视频网站的链接,对诸如伊利诺斯州黑金养牛公司农场主史蒂夫·富格莱森(teve foglesong)等供应商进行特别报道。

in "raising cattle and a family," a guitar plays softly as picturesque images of foglesong are shown, such as the rancher on horseback, in cowboy hat, rounding up cows and later enjoying a mcdonald's takeout lunch on the tailgate of a truck.


similar videos feature fourth-generation farmer dirk giannini, who grows lettuce in california's salinas valley, and potato supplier frank martinez, owner of saddle view farms in washington, who grew up the child of migrant farm workers. "if you make something with pride, people will taste it," he says.

另外一个类似的视频里,介绍了第四代农场主德克·吉安尼米(dirk giannini),他在加利福尼亚的萨利纳斯山谷种植生菜,还有马铃薯供应商弗兰克·马蒂耐兹(frank martinez),后者是华盛顿马鞍景观农场的所有者,他的父亲是一名农场的移民工人,他说,“如果带着强烈的自豪感种菜,人们将非常乐意品尝你的产品。”

folks minced no words in response to the campaign.


"i am so angry. here's another [expletive] you to mcdonalds for #greenwashing with the #meetthefarmers tag. arg!" tweeted @eatlocalgrown, a website that promotes locally grown food.


"chutzpah alert: mcdonald's farmwashing campaign. their food is hyper-processed and full of chemicals," said a tweet from nancy huehnergarth (@nyshepa), executive director of new york state healthy eating and physical activity alliance.

“厚脸皮注意:麦当劳的‘绿色清洗’活动。他们的食品都是经过高度加工的,都是化学品”,纽约州健康饮食和体育活动联盟的执行董事nancy huehnergarth((@nyshepa))的推客说道。

"i'm a farmer, but don't and won't grow anything for @mcdonald's," greg massa, an organic farmer in hamilton city, calif., tweeted under the handle @massaorganics.

“我是农民,我不会也不再为麦当劳种植任何东西”,格雷格·玛莎(greg massa)是加利福尼亚州汉密尔顿市的一个有机农户,他在@massaorganics上发表上述推特内容。

despite the testy tweets, mcdonald's says the campaign has yielded mostly positive feedback. although the franchise acknowledges some missteps.


for instance, the chain last week also promoted a #mcdstories tag but withdrew it after a firestorm of ticked-off, embarrassing tweets, such as this one from skip sullivan, a contestant from nbc's "love in the wild" dating show: "one time i walked into mcdonalds and i could smell type 2 diabetes floating in the air and i threw up."

例如,上周麦当劳又推出了“麦当劳故事”的标签,但是看到众多令人尴尬的推特内容后,又撤消了这个标签。举一例说明,美国全国广播公司“荒野求爱真人速配节目”的选手斯基普·苏利文(skip sullivan)在推特上写道,“一次我走进一家麦当劳餐厅,闻到空气中漂浮着糖尿病ii型的味道,令我呕吐不已。”

in a statement, rick wion, mcdonald's usa social media director, said: "while #meetthefarmers was used for the majority of the day and successful in raising awareness of the supplier stories campaign, #mcdstories did not go as planned. we quickly pulled #mcdstories and it was promoted for less than two hours."

麦当劳美国社交媒体主任里克·维恩(rick wion)在一份声明中说,“尽管‘与农户见面’活动大获成功,使人们充分了解‘麦当劳供应商故事’,但是,‘麦当劳故事’却未达到预期效果。因此我们快速撤下了‘麦当劳故事’,一共的推广时间还不到两个小时。”

wion added that the franchise always includes contingency plans in it social-media campaigns.


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